Presenter Instructions

Oral presentations

Oral presentations are 15 min, plus 2-3 minutes for questions and floor discussion.  We have a tight schedule, so please make sure you do not exceed your allotted time.  Session chairs are responsible for enforcing time limits.  To facilitate the transition between talks we will upload all talks into a single computer.  Please send your talk, preferably in pdf format, to no later than Tuesday, 10/09 using the subject "ATD talk".

Lightning talks and poster session

The lightning talks session is meant to highlight the work that will be presented in the poster session.  Each poster presenter will have two minutes and one slide to briefly introduce themselves and give a summary of their work.  Please submit your slide, in pdf format, to, no later than Tuesday 10/09 using the subject "ATD poster".

The poster session will be held immediately after the lightning talks.  Boards can accommodate posters up to 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall.  A reception sponsored by the AU President will be held concurrently with the poster session, starting at 5:00 pm.